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One-Time Services

Clean Up:

Whether it is an upcoming birthday party, holiday, storm cleanup, or the landscaping crew left your pool dirty - give us a call at (813) 716-1325 and we will take care of it! Please call us in advance so we can schedule your clean up on a date that meets your needs. This service may differ upon each pool and/or situation; we will thoroughly discuss this with you upon estimate.

Break n’ Clean:

D.E. (Diatomaceous Earth) filters should be backwashed once a month and taken apart every 6 to 7 months for preventive maintenance. A “break n’ clean” consists of: taking apart the D.E. filter, spraying off all grids, inspecting each grid for tears and/or breaks, replenishing broken grids (if necessary), replacing grids to appropriate positions, and adding the proper amount of D.E. powder back into the system.

Green to Clean:

Has your pool turned green? Marshall Pool Services can take care of your green pool! Green pools aren’t only an eyesore, they are also unsafe. Green pools are prone to contain bacteria, breed insects, and harvest algae. Not only are green pools a health risk; the longer a pool is green, the more likely the pool surface will be stained. Our green to clean service consists of using an aggressive chemical blend to the pool, clean the filter, brush walls and floor of pool, vacuum out algae and debris. Once the water is clear, the chemistry is rebalanced and the pool can be enjoyed again!

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